Solar Removal & Reinstallation

Renewable, Safe & Clean Energy

Utilizing Tomorrow’s Resource for a Brighter Tomorrow

Utah is one of the seven US states with the best potential for solar power. People are increasingly adopting the usage of renewable source of energy to cut down on a significant amount of electricity costs. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge that enables us to be able to safely remove an existing system properly, to provide roofing services and then reinstall them.

Solar panel installation

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Solar System Reinstallation

Our technicians replace the old solar panels and reinstall new ones having more efficient technology at the most strategic locations on your roof. We ensure zero property damage throughout the project.

Solar Panel Removal

Has wind, rain, or hail caused serious damage to your solar panels? Or are you are planning to relocate and want your solar panels removed? We provide timely and hassle free solar system removal service at any location.